Advisory Board

Ahmet Keskin

Ahmet is an Executive Director & Co-Founder of Affinity Intercultural Foundation, which was formed in 2001.

Cynthia Dearin

Cynthia Dearin is a linguist and businesswomen with extensive international experience, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region.


Committee Members

Nazley Khan

A Senior Legal Associate, Nazley has represented large organisations in a wide range of disputes in both the Federal and Supreme Courts of Australia. She holds Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Law as well as a Masters Degree in Applied Commercial Litigation.

Fariza Fatima

With a Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University, Fariza works as a Paralegal. She has extensive volunteer experience with Amnesty International and many other not-for-profit organisations working towards a more just, inclusive Australia.

Zena Daher

Zena is a practicing Pharmacist, owning and managing several pharmacies in Sydney. Zena also serves as the Chief Medical Officer at AusRelief where she coordinates delivery of supplies and medical expertise to developing nations.

Nadia Oulabi

With over ten years experience, Nadia works as a Senior Accountant at Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management.

Iman Taleb

Iman works as an associate at Centurion Private Wealth. Prior to this she worked as a banker at National Australia Bank. She has promoted refugees causes, inter-faith activities and youth education. She is also a passionate designer and entrepreneur.

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