Wendy Harmer at the Crescent Institute

Are you looking to get into media, the competitive and most sought after industry? Want to expand your network of media professionals?

We invite you to Sydney’s second event of the year to meet one of Australia’s most accomplished multi-talented media experts. Covering all facets of the media industry in a long and illustrious career, our upcoming guest has worked as a journalist, radio and television host, author, actress and comedian.

FROM HOT METAL TO THE HOOPLA: How technology has changed the media.

Wendy Harmer’s media and comedic career spans more than three decades. There’s no doubt she’s a pioneer in the field, but her trajectory hasn’t been without struggle. Wendy Harmer will reflect on the unprecedented change experienced by the industry over the past ten years. What is lost with technological gain? And what does longevity in the media mean in the current climate? She’ll be joined by Antoinette Lattouf who is an award-winning journalist and the co-founder of Media Diversity Australia.

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