Greens senator joins us as we host our last Sydney event for 2018!

Take this opportunity to join us in welcoming the youngest woman to ever be elected to the Australian parliament, Sarah Hanson-Young.

From Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech to public displays of sexism towards women in parliament, now is an opportune time to engage in an open discussion on our united stance on sexism in society and how it impacts us and future generations. Sarah Hanson-Young, who courageously called out abuse received from male parliamentarians, will be joining us and renowned journalist, Antoinette Lattouf, for this discussion.

A first-hand account of sexism in the public sphere – Is this for real in 2018? What does it mean for us all?

Representing her home state of South Australia, Ms. Hanson-Young stood up for South Australia as she fought to protect the environment, renewable energy industry, the River Murray and the Great Australian Bight. Ms Hanson-Young has also been an advocate for refugee fairness and has called for equality in both our community and in the governing sphere. Ms Hanson-Young is also an author, her book En Garde, is a call to action against sexism for women in both ours and generations to come.

Date And Time

6pm | Tuesday 11 December 2018